View Full Version : Raiders of the Depraved calling all Ghosts! (Clan Recruitment)

Metal Max Dog
03-08-2017, 03:29 PM
Raiders of the Depraved, Who are we?

We are a small clan that has been around since the days of Destiny, (ugh I know). We have moved across games ranging from Call of Duty, to Warframe. I am the leader, Metal Max Dog, you may call me Max or Maxwell, your choice. I have wanted to grow the clan so it turn into a community of players who will enjoy and have fun with one another. My left and right hand men are Spraying Future (Dominic) and Legit Sniper (Conner) we have had the clan for about 3 years now and we want to make it grow. Spraying Future and I are 18, Legit is 17. We are willing to take members of any age. We want you to be apart of our community.

I can't really upsell the clan except asking you to join us. Will you join Raiders of the Depraved? Or will you go off on your own to fight? The choice is in your hands.

We play when we can and Dominic and Legit are hardcore grinders in every game imaginable. We are on most of the time

Raiders of the Depraved, What do we play?

We play GR: Wildlands on Xbox One
We play any game. There is no challenge we wont face.
(We Play Mostly on Xbox One and PC)

Raiders of the Depraved, Why do we play?

We play for the enjoyment of the game and the social and entertainment aspect of playing with friends and clan mates alike. We are here to show that we can throw caution in the wind or play the stealth and beat the mission without the enemy knowing we were there til it's too late.

Raiders of the Depraved, How to join?


Requirements for Raiders of the Depraved membership:
Just have a mic, be mature enough to have fun or be serious depending on the situation.