View Full Version : The COD(and common sense/consumer freindly) business model of gaming

03-08-2017, 08:42 AM
to make it breif, no check in with Uplay servers just to play campaign and bots modes. Reknown and gear earned kept separate from the online progression. Call of duty has done this for YEARS (without hurting their online playerbase) and the consumers have a common sense option to play OFFLINE if internet isnt available. true product ownership with flawless replayability. Love the game but in the back of my mind its flawed. dont make the majority of consumers pay for the actions of a few pirates with consumer unfriendly DRM. It will be the death of the company one way or another. Forza horizon 3 fixed this from what i hear and everyone knows the SimCity online debacle as well as Diablo 3, all of which was corrected with patches for OFFLINE!!!!