View Full Version : Proposition: Knights & samurai alliance!!!

03-08-2017, 07:14 AM
I am of the Samurai Faction
and I am writing here to rally the forces of the Knights Faction and Samurai Faction to unite together in arms as we go out and destroy the Viking factions

Aye, You may know it be true that Samurai are the weakest faction and Knights & Vikings are essentially of equal strength. So what is stopping them from taking advantage to attack you all from behind? or worse yet, turning their fangs against the Knights by secretly allying with Samurai Faction.

Those Bastards!

So to put a hold to such Heresy
I, of the Samurai Faction are proposing for us to work together and knock the Vikings off their pedestals
and Unite together Honorably
As Knights are Chivalrous, us Samurai are Honorable to a fault. and our hierarchical structure is not that much different...

Let us Work together and Unite together
as we slaughter the Vikings and put them down to their place
For a Better tomorrow.

And in hopes oneday someday
we could be like this...

http://memestatic.fjcdn.com/pictures/East+meets+west+trigger+mentionlist+gayandtrapthin gs_d12023_6189896.jpg