View Full Version : Matchmaking problem any help?

03-08-2017, 04:49 AM
So I played closed and open beta without any problem (just some disconnection from dominion match sometimes), launch day too no problem.
Nowadays I can play just the duel. I can't play anything else even a 2v2 against the AI (that actually need just another player like a duel).
Every time I have the matchmaking failed error 0002000115, constantly.
My internet connection it's totally fine (I can play whatever else like always), my NAT it's open like always (I have actually friends that can play more than me with moderate or low NAT), and again I don't know why suddenly everything changed.
I try to re install the game but nothing change.
Anyone with same problem? Anyone resolve it? I send also ticket but nobody answer to me.
So it's possible to fix it?
I spend 100euro on gold pre order for play story and duel?