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03-08-2017, 03:15 AM
Hey all,

I'm looking for hopefully a relatively large group of reaaaally casual players. See, normally I'm not that into multiplayer games for a variety of reasons I'll get into in a second. The ones I do like are consistently drop-in/drop-out type games (Arma's Exile/wasteland mods being the closest to GRW. I know 'casual' and 'Arma' don't usually go together, but I play in a very relaxed, scavenger sort of way.) I've never really had much experience with coop games, but I love the idea of GRW so far, and am looking forward to trying it.

UNFORTUNATELY, because I'm mostly a single-player kind of person, I'm not that social and don't have a load of steam friends who would be up for GRW.

Are there any groups/clans/units/whatever you want to call it, willing to deal with someone who is AT BEST inconsistently available? Between an always-on-call job, a VERY rural internet connection, and the fact that I am objectively awful at twitch shooters (even when I love them to death), it's hard for me to be a reliable partner or even play pickup games with strangers (given how I'm pretty terrible and it frustrates people who aren't, which in turn frustrates me and makes me want to not play with strangers at all).

Not saying I'm useless, not entirely. I'm good with comms, situational awareness, slow-is-smooth/smooth-is-fast style fighting (common in milsim games like ARMA), overwatch and observation... I'm not bad at mil games in general. In fact, milsim type shooters are where I'm best (Red Orchestra, Battlefield when you've got a squad that actually wants to work together), I'm just usually an inconsistent player.

I know single player is a thing in this game, but I don't want to be limited by it. Mostly because the inability to customize or deeply interact with squadmates will drive me up a wall pretty much immediately.

Anyone like me looking for a friend? Anyone willing to group with ubercasuals?

03-08-2017, 06:44 AM
add me on Uplay @ GeneoN- me & a buddy have plans to play through the entire game CO-OP, in the mean time iíd be more than interested in adding more friends to join up with!

26 years old & EST, you can catch me online Mon-Sun at all different times. So donít let timezone stop you, we also use Discord if youíre interested in that sort of thing.

Iím happy to play the game both tactically/stealthy & GOING IN LOUD WITH A GERNADE LAUNCHER & LMG!