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03-08-2017, 02:40 AM
ok so besides the many problems that the beta never had frezzing is one of them rebuilding database deleteing other things from harddrive to clear room and re instaling dosent work also im in a clan but it tells me to create one then i cant it wont let me on the top right it says [4583] then under it my psn and a notafcation, also i thouht this was going to be a good tom clancy like the old old ones .. but they sliped in the pay $ to unlock all .. NOT COOL, as a customer i feal wronged by the past few things called games rainbow 6 siege vegas 2 had story and pvp so seidge 6 is praticly the pvp to the divishion witch also failed and seriously stop giving people scripts to read from " oh man that view "" i know right gets me every time"" .. why do you hate us