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03-08-2017, 12:34 AM
Task Force Name: JSOTF-Bolivia TF34 Crusader
Tag: TF34
Motto : Si vis pacem, para bellum.
Motivations: Action, Immersion, Roleplay
Game(s): GR: Wildlands
Active Times: Mon-Fri 6p-12a EST, Sat/Sun all day

Regular Description: The Task Force is designed for players who enjoy a mature (18+), immersive, and fun environment to explore Bolivia and complete the game. As the founder, I set this up to be a place were people who want immersion and the ability to tell their own stories in universe could gather and link up. Drawing upon the "tactical realism" movement from games like ArmA, DayZ, Rising Storm, and other games the task force aims to compliment the setting and universe of Wildlands while still giving you a team that's out to have fun and have a laugh at some of the awesome moments this game has to offer.

"In-universe" Description: Joint Special Operations Task Force-Bolivia, Task Force 34, unit designation Crusader, is a combined arms element made up of elements from US Army 1st SFOD-D/CAG, Marine Raiders, Navy DevGru/ST6, and USAF JTAC and CAC units working under the operational control of the JSOC and the Joint Chiefs.
They lend support in direct action, hostage extraction, indigenous population training, and HVT missions. Their current assignment is supporting the Ghosts with Operation Kingslayer, with support from the CIA field station and agents in country.

Link: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/17369/JSOTF-Bolivia-TF34-Crusader

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