View Full Version : New game idea

03-07-2017, 10:22 PM
I really enjoyed how Ubisoft made for honour look and feel. I am also in love with the entire assassins creed franchise. I have a fascination with the Viking era I love everything about it. I would absolutely love to see Ubisoft make an open world Viking game and with that the possibilities are endless maybe you start out as a solider and end up as a jarl. I would like to see as much customisation as possible for the character and if possible maybe a town or province of some kind. I would also love to see horses, the historic Viking boats, plenty of lore, huge battles, town and castle sieges and a story to rival all games Ubisoft have ever put out. I have so much ideas for such a game I would absolutely love to hear feed back from you guys at Ubisoft on this. I suppose a assassins creed set during this time would be great also (not the same though lol)