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03-07-2017, 02:22 PM
Ok just finished installing the digital version of Ghost Recon Wildlands (Gold Edition) To my Xbox One and after the initial opening ubisoft animation it simply goes to a black screen, fails to proceed further and crashes to desktop. I have researched and seen this was an issue during the beta's for some on Xbox One but I had no such problem in either open or closed betas.

Console: Original Xbox One
Insider Preview Programme: Yes
Ulplay Account linked to Gamertag: Yes (GT= Cokney Charmer)
First installed to external drive then moved to internal drive but same issue.
For Honor and The Division have no such issue
Beta install removed

Any tips or help from support, reluctant to reinstall it again unless support says so but sensing I am not the only one to encounter this so far today?

Thank you for any assistance....was so looking forward to starting my review playthrough so the game not working is a big issue!

Edit: 13:41pm - have uninstalled and now reinstalling from digitial store will update if it works or still fails to move beyond black screen
Edit 15:40pm - same issue after 2nd install of game, still only getting to a black screen on start up and then it crashes to dashboard. Clearing cache did nothing nor did removing and readding profile

Also over two hours since original post and no response from anyone in support...exactly what are the point of these forums especially on release day of a game?

Edit: 19:00 (time of resolution) - I took my console out of the Insider Preview programme and the game now works just fine, it seems to be the only solution if you are having the black screen issue and in the preview programme for Xbox one.

Simply go to the insider hub app, take the option to leave the programme, it may take several hours: three for me, and a factory reset of console to give it a clean dashboard update but it worked for me. No idea if moving to preview ring 4 will fix it but I chose to leave it altogether.

Hope that helps others.

03-07-2017, 11:49 PM
Im having the same issue on an original xbox one.

03-27-2017, 05:53 PM
so i wasnt in the insider program but i did factory reset my xbox and its looks like it did the trick! thanks