View Full Version : Tier list for matchmaking

03-07-2017, 08:12 AM
So given the title, I don't quite get the matchmaking in terms of skill compatibility. Why does it say "skill level strict" when this clearly isn't the case when finding a game? I mostly play by myself (since no one wants to buy it right now) and I am constantly paired up with players who are not only worse than me by skill level, but also by a wide marginal rank level. Every other team I play doesn't seem to be this unbalanced. Am I just playing parties of players or is this just me? I guess my point is, I don't quite see the difficulty in adding a tier list bracket, where players of a certain rank are matched up with each other. For example, if you are reputation 5 you should be within a tier bracket that matches you up with players from reputation 4 to 6 or, if eventually possible, 5 to 6. This isn't even mentioning gear score differentials. There's no way I can convince a friend to buy this when the design flaws are clearly against new characters/players. I would like to know everyone's opinions on this, whether you agree or disagree.

03-07-2017, 09:35 PM
There's been, on a more recent average, closer to 70k (I'm on ps4) so at least it's expanding. But the point is, where's the incentive for someone to buy the game without relying on getting carried by their 108 gearscore teammates? Why not have a cut off point of 3 to 4 reps then? It would at least add some balance. For instance, a person who is rep 2 finds players who are not over rep 5. This is much better than rep 7's ganking a new player. This would amount to about half the for honor population, if not more, all playing within a dense middle ground while the higher reps face off against their own levels (as it continues to grow with time) and new players go face against new players and AI's.