View Full Version : [PC] LOOKING FOR SQUAD (Solid)

03-07-2017, 03:50 AM

Serious players add me

uPlay - Healyeah04

Lets destroy Bolivia !!!!

03-08-2017, 06:54 AM
add me on Uplay @ GeneoN- me & a buddy have plans to play through the entire game CO-OP, in the mean time iíd be more than interested in adding more friends to join up with!

26 years old & EST, you can catch me online Mon-Sun at all different times. So donít let timezone stop you, we also use Discord if youíre interested in that sort of thing.

Iím happy to play the game both tactically/stealthy & GOING IN LOUD WITH A GERNADE LAUNCHER & LMG!

I speak both English & Spanish & have a Headset & Mic

03-08-2017, 05:44 PM
I would be down to play I added you on uplay.

03-08-2017, 08:49 PM
I'll add you guys on Uplay. My friend and I are also planning on playing the game start to finish in co-op.

We're both west coast (PST) and are on PC. Bother 24 years old

03-09-2017, 02:43 PM

I'm one of the staff members of the Chaos Vanguard, a multigaming community which expanded in Wildlands with great success.
We currently have 50+ members in this section and we grow fast.
We offer squads of 4 for teamwork and ultimate teamplay in extreme difficulty or just to explore in a more relaxed mode.
Our main voip is ts3 and we have already created a task force in which you are more than welcome to join.
If you are interested please take a look on our
1)main recruitment thread: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1601865-The-Chaos-Vanguard-WANTS-YOU!
2)ts3: ts3: ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk
3)website: http://forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/

Kind regards,