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03-06-2017, 05:54 PM
Might be a strange thing to talk about, but the current faction war is a bit... strange.

You choose your faction, you dive into the battlefield only to fight alongside people of other factions fighting for the same goal of getting points which you distribute on a giant world map against the people you just fought with (not against), placing 100-1000 points worth of "contribution" in a multi-million point gamble so you can proudly announce you contributed something on a large scale fight.

If you lost the story halfway through, don't worry. Even i cant grasp what i just wrote.
But, yea... thats the basic concept of the faction war.

You might fight your *** of for your faction, or spend 24h a day running arround in circles and still get the same rewards and glory at the end of the day.

Why hasn't/ doesn't from take an example of Elder Scrolls Online?
They also have a 3 factions war, where at the end of they day you acctually fight against the other factions for a real visual war.
And, once you are bored you can hop together with your friends (in other factions) to play together.

Why not make the faction war play on a large scale map (like cyrodill), while keeping the current maps out there fot people who wish to have some more relaxing fights with friends.

Throw in 10-20 servers, let people choose which one to join, and let them fight in a real war!!

03-07-2017, 03:09 AM
I love everything that you just said! I couldn't agree more! I love the faction war idea, but the execution just seems lazy:

Good match. Here are your war assests, throw them at this map.

I hope all wars won't be the same, and they change up the aspects/challenges.

I love the different servers (or "kingdoms" they could call them) idea, and if a faction takes that kingdom they get some kind of minor boost when playing in it.


03-07-2017, 04:07 AM
In a perfect world Ubisoft would add a new faction 4v4v4 (or 3v3v3 for performance limitations) gamemode where players fight over a central control point and earn points based on how long each player remains within its radius. Over time the radius shrinks forcing teams to actively defend their territory. Once all points are consumed the point changes and players get a 30s warning as to its new location. This continues until one the has the maximum point value or time expires.