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03-06-2017, 02:53 AM
"We Are Legion, We Are Whole, We Are One"

Legion is now recruiting leadership! The Legion is few, so only join if you wish to become one with Legion. Regular membership is also available alongside leadership positions if desired.

We gather here in hopes of pushing the boundaries of Wildlands to its limits. We will aim for the betterment of the whole over the betterment of one, as a clan we will grow. Our founding idea is that we will have something for everyone as we adapt to what the game throws at us.

Requirements For Membership

Be at the minimum age of 18
Stable Voice Comms
Common sense
Have an active presence on the community hub
Read this entire post and have the announcement of yourself end with the words "We are Legion"

Requirements for Leadership

All Requirements for Membership
Be a minimum of 22 years old
Be invested in Wildlands as a game
Be able to bring in Original ideas and support the growth of the Legion

If you are interested in joining, join our discord channel and announce yourself.
Thank You,

[Join Here] (https://discord.gg/xYGQVrJ)