View Full Version : I'm ashamed to admit, but I now like other modes more than duel...

03-05-2017, 10:25 PM
Honestly, duel is just boring. I use to love it and do nothing but duels, but without gear to work toward, and without complex combinations (think something like Tekken), duel just got stale for me.

I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that the high level gameplay basically consists of 2-3 different attacks for all characters, no combinations, a ton of defense, and just trying to abuse mechanics to the greatest degree. The first 30 games I played on the Orochi and the Zerker I had sooooo much fun because you saw daring, ballsy moves, and people used their entire kits. But after sitting at 100% win rate for a while, then being matched with insanely skilled players, I noticed that the upper echelon just isn't all that fun.

Don't get me wrong, when ranked comes out, that should reignite my passion for 1v1, for a little while. But this game just isn't complex. With a game like Tekken, there are always things to learn, like multiple ten hit combos, massive juggles, a slew of different power attacks, and an insane amount of different light attacks -- all of these things being specific for certain situations.

With this game, it's just very easy to master the move list for your character, so it ends up being more of a mind game where both people are testing the patience of the other person, rather than actively attacking and testing the defenses of the their opponent.

At least with deathmatch you have a good amount of variance, and you also have to think about your gear build. Is it fair the way that people get matched without taking gear into consideration? No, but at least you have something to work toward with the gear. On duel you can play until you have an excellent win rate, then just end up wondering what to do next, since the gameplay isn't engaging enough to keep you incredibly interested for great periods of time.

They really need to add additional levels of depth to this game, in my humble opinion. Matchmaking based on gear needs a revamp, but the gear stats should be deeper, and you should have a massive array or different viable builds -- with all of them being effective in different ways. As of right now, there is one clear cut build for gear.

And if the duel mode is going to live, the characters need more options as far as attacking goes. If they would just add an easily avoidable, charge-up ability that is unblockable, for every character, and another 10 moves (at least) per character, this game would greatly improve.

Just my opinion, but I can certainly see myself losing interest in this game in the near future, since it's just too damned simple. If your'e looking for medieval combat, there are better options, and if you're looking for pure fighting, there are far better options. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, but it truly is incredibly simple.

And (just being perfectly factual) other fighting games have rock solid mechanics. As in, you hit a button, you know exactly what will happen. But on FH, that really isn't the case. You hope that what your'e trying to do actually happens, but every now and then it just does something that makes you think, "WTF?" and leaves you frustrated with the game. For such a simple game, it simply isn't a good thing to have such shaky mechanics. I'm not sure if the inconsistencies come from p2p connections, bad net coding, or just buggy input, but one thing's for sure, this game is the least reliable fighting game I've ever played.