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SIR Phist
03-05-2017, 08:45 PM
I play games for the stories and a presentation. I'm on for the solid characters. I'm addicted to the feels I get during cinematic cutscenes of emotional inspiration & resolution.
Does For Honor give you that?

As far as I've looked all day, I appear to be the only one with this concern or the only one brave/stupid enough to state so. I did not buy or play For Honor. I didn't because I saw gameplay footage. I saw unrealistic flashy effects, weird colorful noises, and generally more and more HUD elements. No one's been able to advise me whether I can turn it off to suit my playerstyle. Can I play this game without "all of the Playskool colors, the Fisher Price sounds, and the Mattel HUD garbage?"

I'm not a fan of the direction Ubisoft went into after "Altair's Creed."
To me For Honor looks like a spearman's or swordsman's Battlefield or Call of Duty.

I'd give For Honor a try if I could believe it was worth it for me. Is Ubisoft interested in providing options settings that allow [older] gamers to offer a genuine touch to their experience: Real Sounds! (and not comic book noises for every slash and swing! KAPOW!! SRAWOOSH! Na-na na-na na-na na-na Batman!)
An immersive realistic presentation: No Fake Colors! No Flashing Notices! No HUD Markers!

To be told that I'm a "dnmbvss*" because I've judged the game based on looks alone without having played is not justified. When anyone turns on their games for the experience they want, they shouldn't be attacked.

I'd like my statement perceived as a legitimate concern. I'm not attacking Ubisoft or For Honor. I'm dissatisfied with its pre-school presentation. I'm not convinced I need the HUD to play. I'm not impressive by the cartoon noises.
Some player said, the HUD is needed to know how to perform certain timing functions at combat speed.
The Assassin's Creed series STARTED out without enemy fight notifications! Batman: Arkham series provides players the option to turn them off once a player is comfortable at reading the models' attack animations. The HUD, as I've said, is a training tool for new players. Once you're done with training wheels, you move on! More and more players want complete responsibility for their success having not relied on colored flashes and sounds to warn them. We live by our own skills and die by our own inadequacy.

While learning to understand that my playstyle has a name and to call it Roleplaying...ok whatever. If that's what it takes. Then label it. I'm a roleplayer. I'm a character actor. I'm an immersive storyteller. Some games, I turn off the music soundtrack for more complete atmosphere. I use headphones and not speakers; so I hear things in games others can't. I'll attempt to adjust visual settings to achieve a realistic nighttime.

My question is for the experienced, the immersed, the veterans, the players that're bored with HUDs and childish noises in their games. I'm asking players that challenge themselves by turning off as much HUD as they can. I'm asking gamers that have integrity-to-a-fault, so much that it actually hurts to see your friends playing with HUD. They're my friends; I care about them, but I feel like they're cheating themselves as human beings or at least as people who call themselves Gamers. The people I want to hear from constantly tell their friends to "fix your options, adjust your settings, customize your game, change your experience away from the factory defaults." We have an extreme/hardcore time keeping it to ourselves that we are the superior gamers. I'm looking for people that need to connect with this likemindedness. I'm jealous of my friends that don't care about HUDs, arcade noise effects, and default settings. I wish I could play a game as casually/competitively.
I play games for the visuals, the sounds, the characters, the stories, the moments, and the feels that come with being a participating audience. Does that make me a "superior" gamer? No! I just feel that way. For Honor is a great title as the catalyst for me to write this.

I'd like your feedback on everything I've said about it.
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Achievements, scores, KD ratios, arcade crap like that is down here at the very very very bottom only to provide some sort of reference otherwise I'd've never mentioned them because they don't need me and I don't need them.

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03-06-2017, 12:15 AM
geez dude, you didn't have to write a novel.

can you turn off HUD elements: yes.
the hardest difficulty in the campaign even forces you to play with no HUD.

03-06-2017, 12:21 AM

This 110%

SIR Phist
03-07-2017, 02:31 AM
That doesn't need to be unlocked, right?

geez dude, you didn't have to write a novel.

can you turn off HUD elements: yes.
the hardest difficulty in the campaign even forces you to play with no HUD.

03-07-2017, 02:59 AM
That doesn't need to be unlocked, right?

Turning off the HUD is not something that needs to be unlocked, For multiplayer, the HUD can be turned off through the options menu. In the campaign, playing on "Realistic" difficulty will automatically take away the HUD.

03-07-2017, 03:17 AM
The HUD elements can be turned off from Day 1. And "Realistic Mode" in campaign doesn't give you an option (also limits you to one life only).
Really though, if you're into games for the stories and the characters, this game is not worth $60. The Campaign mode is fun, but it is short, and is obviously meant as much as a tutorial to get you used to many of the different classes more than it is to be it's own immersive game-play experience. 18 stages, none of them terribly long. The story is entertaining for what it is, but it isn't immersive or epic or even particularly good for anything more than what would classically go in the first page of the instruction booklet setting up the world.

As for the "Plaskool colors" and "Fisher Price sound", I don't even know what you're talking about. The game's design is pretty much a perfect balance between fantasy and realism, and rather muted on the color scale all told (without being so dark you have to turn the brightness up to see anything). The sound design is similarly balanced between realistic sounds, and exaggerating them enough to make them stand out from the background chatter of a war. A necessity for being able to use all your senses in battle.

However, if what you've seen in videos and screenshots says otherwise to you, and if you're looking for a strong story experience, don't waste your money.

This is an arena game first and foremost, with everything tailored towards the end goal of lots of PVP fighting in 1v1, 2v2, or most commonly 4v4 format. If you mean that by calling it Battlefield with spearmen, then yes it is. Albeit with a much more complex and innovative combat system geared towards group melee combat. As someone who hates the Battlefield games, and barely even touches arena games in general (preferring ones driven by story and character instead), I find the fantastic-realistic design and the innovative gameplay to be enough to have overcome my biases and make it worth it. But it doesn't sound like you will.