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03-05-2017, 10:01 AM
• Storyline doesn't make much sense and as a player, I did not feel anything while playing the main quests.
• Musics and sounds of the game were top notch.
• It could be better if double-assassinations etc. were not a part of purchasable skills.
• Side quests weren't that interesting either. I could play a high-level side mission many times to obtain 125.000 worth sword at once when I was still at low level.
• Looting the dead NPCs is annoying. You have to wait until the NPC stops moving. Sometimes it never stops because of various kinds of bugs.
• Controls were extremely terrible. Especially when you try to move on the walls of the buildings and enter/exit the windows. Thats good you fixed that in Syndicate. "R" button is enough to get into a window.
• There wasn't enough skills to draw guards attention. In most cases, you have to attack directly to get yourself out of pain.
• Leveling Lockpicking was a good feature.
• Climbing up the Eiffel Tower was charming, but not necessary. Just like the parts where your character gets slowed down and a woman speaks about a malfunction and tells you to save yourself from there.
• "Interact" and "Carry the Body" buttons are the same (E). Carrying the body button should be different imo. Same goes for Syndicate.

• Compared to Unity, this game is godlike. Double-character developement is impressive and very balanced.
• Victorian England was pictured really well. Truly impressive.
• Musics were supremely good and fitting the ambiance. (Especially the music plays at "child liberation" missions.)
• In fact, the only flaw that came to my attention about in-game mechanics is the combat speed. It is too fast and it was more balanced in previous games.
• Tool combos were astonishing.
• Looting system was better than Unity in every way. You don't have to wait that much before you start collecting.
• Lockpicking system was good. You don't have to spend that much skillpoints for different levels of chests and leveling once is enough.
• Storyline is perfect, but ending wasn't that impressive. There was almost no feelings, just like Unity. Quests that come after the ending were satisfying.
• WW1 part wasn't necessary.
• Real World connections were better than Unity. They didn't intervene the game that much, which is nice.
• Chasing after something than Apple of Eden was good.

People keep complaining about all AC games that came after "Revelations". They are like "the game was ended after Ezio", "We need a game like AC2".
I think the games after Revelations are still perfect. Especially Black Flag and Syndicate. Gaming community has always been having hard times accepting the change. But they should. Because not like every game can be a copy of eachother.

03-19-2017, 10:27 PM
Always enjoy reading opinions from other AC fans - thanks for sharing with us.