View Full Version : fix berserkers stagger recovery and block speed

03-05-2017, 07:31 AM
the time to recovery from stagger on the the berserker is way to slow and so is the block speed aswell.
if a fast hitter class spam light attacks on you, the berserker cant block or dodge the attacks at all, because the recovery time is to long to get back to the fight stance.
same thing with side to side light attacks hits on the berserker, the class cant side to side block fast enough, when you think of how low his block timer is. (you know just like the peacekeeper). i think it will only be fair to give the berserker class a little bit better defence when you think of his attack is not that fast at all. Plus he dont have a unblockable attack, like all the other classes in the game or a good charge in or out of guard mode