View Full Version : More PvAI orders?

03-05-2017, 02:52 AM
So I probably won't get the best responses, or the responses I'm looking for on here as most people that take the time to read the forums more than likely play more than the average 9-5 working Joe. But my thought is there are mostly PVP orders (the ones that aren't set at the top) where I believe they should be more evenly split. Or lean towards PvAI. My reasoning is people trying to catch up to the 100+ gearscore people. As anyone knows the matchmaking is not strict on player skill level.
As the orders give the best experience everyone goes for them. PvAI is easier. Nobody can argue that. And inexperienced gamers should start vs the AI. We don't want them in 4v4 death matches with us when they die in 5 seconds either. Then we just basically start at a 3v4 disadvantage. Just my thoughts, my suggestion. I think it would at least be worth a thought.