View Full Version : Feedback on things that I think are broken

03-04-2017, 10:29 PM
This is just a feedback on the game in its current state. I just wanted to share my thoughts.
I really like the game, and I really hope that it will have a great future. Nevertheless, I find myself sticking to 1x1, because imho there are a lot of features that are totally broken in other game modes. Here is my list of things that I wish were changed:

1. P2P connection. This is pretty simple - this game has no big future without dedicated servers. Dont think that I need to explain it further, its pretty obvious why such a dynamic game needs it.

2. Revenge is broken. Maxing the revenge gain on your gear and spamming it left and right is pretty much the only viable tactics, which cripples the gameplay a lot. You really can get full revenge by just a couple of blocks with good gear. Im saying this not because I am getting my *** kicked, but because I do not enjoying winning this way either.
I think that revenge should be really much more defensive, and not turning you into a killing machine. E.g., when you go into revenge mode, you gain massive defense boost, but decreased attack options. That will allow you to build tanky characters, who can survive against several opponents, and not ultimate killing machines.

3. Late game feats are way to powerful. I feel that they should be more like a boost, not a one-shot kill buttons.
Feats could improve your stats a little, allow you to slow or cripple opponents, or play other supportive roles, but not simply killing everyone in a room, or shooting someone dead with one bow shot.

4. Reviving people to full health in two seconds is just stupid, especially, when you cant finish off those half-dead players. This is a game, and it does not have to be over realistic, but come on, this is just beyond ridiculous.
As a solution, make the default revive time much longer, and make raised soldiers recover % of their health over time. And then make gear stats that improve those numbers greatly, to make a field doctor a valuable role on the battlefield. Atm no one needs revive time upgrade, cause it is way to fast anyways, and you get them up with full health.