View Full Version : Simple buffs to make everyone competitive.

03-04-2017, 09:07 PM
The idea is not to make everyone TOP 4 level... But at least so they can "stand a chance" at least (45%) of the time against a top 4 of equal skills. That's balanced enough for me.

Let's work on the Low-Mid Tiers that require less buff and then slowly go to the lower tiers.

Mid Tiers (still need minor adjustments):

Valkyrie / Berserker - these guys should be "slightly tougher" than your average assassin. Give them like +5 or +10 Health.

Low-Mid Tiers (minor help needed):

Nobushi - Fix her Hidden Stance. make it trigger easier like All Guard (currently, the trigger ARC seems drastically smaller than 1/4 of the circle) and DO NOT cancel it until an attack is pressed. So this way you can change your guard (thus attack direction) without exiting Hidden Stance (PC players can already do this).

Kensei - Very straight forward character whose mixups are predictable. His saving grace is his range and quick dodges (for a Vanguard). What he could use is a bit more speed in his TOP HEAVY finisher and its mixups. Currently, those options are too slow to be a real 50/50. Just a minor speed boost would make Kensei viable.

Orochi - He's got good movement and speed but he needs something that stands out. Currently, he's a watered down PK / Berserker. His main "selling point" of dodge-attacks sucks. His Storm Rush is too slow to counter most attacks, and if he fails, he eats a PARRY > GB. His Riptide Strike despite the latest boost is still trash. He needs either [1] I-Frames at the very beginning of his dodges (make him a true dodge attackers) OR [2] Make Riptide Strike CANCELLABLE.

Low Tiers (major help needed):

Lawbringer - This guy just can't 1v1. He has no real punish after a parry despite being the "parry specialist". Give him a stronger parry punish that lands 100% (something that does maybe 1.5 Light Attack worth of damage).

Raider - Similar problem as Lawbringer, he also cannot 1v1. His fix is simply... Give him a slightly fast side Heavy that can land after a GB, I don't mind if its damage is lowered slightly. He can't be one of the few who can't Heavy after a GB given that he will never land a Heavy normally (way too slow).

03-04-2017, 11:17 PM
Any suggestions?