View Full Version : My Concerns with Ubisoft Games.

03-04-2017, 05:12 PM
I haven't been paying much attention to the producers of the games I've been buying. This will be my last from Ubi. There isn't anything that they could "Fix" or "Improve" for me at this point. They've just blown too many launches for me to consider them seriously.

I want to explain why with the library of games that I can speak on.

For Honor
The one thing they could have done for this game that would have gotten me to change my mind is to push back the release 2+ months while they tackle the issues that a lot of the community has with it, and simply not release the game. I would have appreciated a delay.
Their lead developer attempts to dev-splain away serious concerns like P2P with design that they went forward with to save money as a company. I am not opposed to the idea of P2P, but the implementation here is either buggy, or poorly designed, or both. Many players don't mind games like Warframe that use P2P. However players have complained about P2P in this game since closed alpha/beta and it becomes apparent that UBI cares more about profit than enjoyment of their games. It's hard to sink below 50% reviews on steam, but this game is on its way.
The game also over emphasizes easy kills using ledges and feats. This is a day one issue that cant so easily be fixed, and kills the gameplay in my opinion. Character balance doesn't have to be right on day one for me, but the core of the game should be on skill based combat and this design breaks that contract for me.
If they added dedicated servers, increased the content of For Honor, and fixed every issue I have with the game of course I would enjoy it, but am unlikely to buy another Ubisoft game. It is not the developers or designers that I do not trust, its the people behind release planning and the corporate politics that are likely poisoning your games. Implementing P2P and shoving the game out the door before its ready are sales decisions IMO, and this is the part of Ubi that I don't trust. This game studio suffers from similar problems as "Hello Games" to me in terms of over-hyped under delivered games.

The Division
This game is the Bullshot extreme game of the year probably. The technical demo was much better looking that the actual release. When I stepped into this game the campaign was boring and only a grind to get to the Dark Zone. When you get to the Dark Zone its a poor pvp implementation with many hackers on day 1. I do think that this game improved with later updates, and paid DLC, but the incomplete delivery of this game on day one is something that I think myself, as well as the entire gaming community, does not appreciate and is learning to hate in studios. Game studios should not lean on the idea of being able to fix core issues after release, or try to require DLC purchases for their games to be fun. I do not own / will not buy the appropriate DLC packs that make this game enjoyable. I will be very skeptical of companies that even offer a Season Pass because I know that just means that you have to pay additional for a quality game. If there is a season pass even available for a game, that game loses points immediately in my mind. Ubi is ramping up on season passes in almost all of their games.

Watchdogs/Watchdogs 2
Watchdogs was another Bullshot game. The E3 demo showed us amazing PC graphics that were removed from the game. I believe that a simple text file change could add them back in and there were rumors this was done to have the PC version downgraded to be similar to the xbox and ps4 player experience. This makes no sense to even release a PC game like this. If PC gamers didn't care about better graphics most of us would just buy consoles, our systems are expensive. Watchdogs 2 had an amazing campaign, memorable characters, and a great story. After I was done with the story however I had no interest in continuing to play the game. I don't know why exactly, probably lacking multiplayer content, but I love the franchise and wish this game had life post completion.

This game goes way back for me and is one of the better simulation games that I play. I have recently stopped playing the series entirely because Ubisoft decided to remove multiplayer from the game? I don't understand this move.

FarCry 3/4
This game is good IMO. I think that this just shows that Ubi can make great singleplayer games but fails to deliver multiplayer games that I enjoy.

Assassins Creed
I cant speak on this game in detail. I can only say that I have no interest in playing the 15 games in the assassins creed series after playing the first 2. Not only does a single one of these games seem very repetitive for me, but the series seems repetitive as well.

I enjoy your single player games Ubi. But I don't want to play single player games. I want to play games with friends.