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03-04-2017, 02:26 AM
Hi once again For Honor community! :o

I have played this game quite a bit, I've spent time during both closed and open beta and I am still very in love and dedicated to this game.
With this said I found a few issuses during gameplay that kind of effects the game and is mentioned in many scenario accross the community, that is the P2P hosting. I have a few suggestions that could aid this issue, this is one of those problems that will allways exist within P2P in some shape or form.

With that said, here are some suggestions... ;)

1. Host Privilege and Ranking: In most games we all experience the feeling of waiting on players that have problem with their network or some kind degree of lag. The way this could be solved is to limit host choice by privilege by viewing network stability over time. Check players network over time and choose one with the strongest and most stable network. If you see a player with a weak network stability you take away the host privilege completely over a long period just to make sure the overall game experience for other players. You start off with adding this privilege but overtime you take away this privilege one by one. I would assume that this already exist but I feel like it could be necessery to mention.

2. Visable ingame penalty: I feel that there are too many midgame leavers as in every game ever made but here I feel there could be a very smart sulotion to this.
If you were to actively leave midgame I would suggest to add some sort of marking, a marking that is visable to other players and a way to avoid pairing with them, some sort of setting that you could add to the matchmaking settings. Just like champion status, this could act as a negative status, take the same amount as the champion status adds but use it to subtract in this situation instead.

3. Ingame Party instablility: Most times when a match or matchmaking chrashes for us it seems to toss us apart and we have to reinvite. This happens more often then normal matchmaking and ingame parties. The feeling I have is that you should have to invite once during one "gamesession", as of now a normal "gamesession" have you reinvite around 5-10 times depending on the outcome and the duration might be around 2-5 hours. I wish for a fix for this function to add stability to the active parties. Might be happening, dont know...

What are your thoughts around these suggestions, please let me know what you think! :confused:

With Kind Regards/ Thorinn Embermane

03-04-2017, 02:45 AM
Stop saying Privilege all the time, lol... Is this the favorite word of the decade?

03-04-2017, 03:02 AM
Stop saying Privilege all the time, lol... Is this the favorite word of the decade?

Its only be cause you see it that way...you can call it whatever you want but in this context the mening stays the same... Sad to see you being so bothered by one word..

So if someone called some action or thought of something ill a hamburger, then I wouldn't be allowed to use the word in a very reasonable way. Its sad to say but its time to grow up a bit...

This was all you had to say about the post/thread, that means that you saw the word and then made the word an issue.