View Full Version : problems in reunion island (france !)

03-03-2017, 09:43 PM
Hi guys,

Do you know peaple of reunion island can't play multiplayer with your game ? there's a serious problem with the matchmaking. Only join 3 time a dominion with 3 peaple of africa and crash before the end. the rest of time, it a endless timer in matchmaking or a erreor 0020001512 ...
first, i would remember you : reunion island is france. why can't we play with europeen peaple ?
secondly, why don't you write somewhere a warning like : "some region can't play this game in multiplayer, see the list below ..." I would never have bought the game if i know that.
so, what can i do ? a month and no response or hope something change ?

Do you think you will fix it or can you give my money back ? this game is a lie right now, i prefer buy an other game !

ps: my NAT is full green, i check all recommandation with ports, admin launch, etc. I play every weeks overwatch, battlefield, call of duty, and other PVP games with no problems, with europeen ... and we are few hundred in reunion island to cry with this problem.

So tell me ? what will you do for us ?

thanks for reading.