View Full Version : AFK Players: UBI, You Better Say Something About This!

03-03-2017, 02:40 PM

I am leveling-up a new character and playing Multiplayer versus AI to so do instead of complaining that I can't compete in stat-enabled PvP game modes with a Level 0 alt, but EVERY match there are one, two, or even three players simply running in circles at the spawn. Even against BOTs, playing one or two versus four every single match is just too painful and winning is virtually out of the question.

It is ridiculous that you have done nothing to prevent a common practice that is simply ruining your game. If you are satisfied with the profits you have reaped thus far and are content to simply let the game die, then your lack of action is logical. However, if you see a future for this game, you have to do something about this right now because the game's future is dimming with virtually every AI match played at this point. New players SHOULD learn and rank-up against AI and those that do currently will have as a first impression that this game is total garbage because of the AFK players in every match.

I wonder if your competitors are smart enough to have realized that for a minuscule investment in a few dozen player accounts they could devastate your franchise because of your apparent inability to manage your product. I'm not saying any competitor is doing this, but merely pointing out that your methodologies, or lack thereof, have certainly afforded them the opportunity to severely diminish the experience of playing your game with surprisingly little effort should they desire to so do.