View Full Version : Suggestion: Nobushi attack changes.

03-03-2017, 09:45 AM
This suggestion came to be when i was for the xxx time chained to death by a berzerker because they are able to switch atttack direction faster than Nobushi can switch up their block direction. (Other classes besides berzerker also optional).

Wouldn't it be good if we had a tool to get out of a chain/ be able to do less predictable attack even though we have a slower guard direction.

The idea(s) i came up with are the following:
Zone attack
Remove the current zone attack and change it for a new "leg sweep + disengage" skill.
The idea is a 360 leg sweep which knocks down down any enemy caught in it, followed by an automatic double back-dash (backroll), maybe even an automatic transition into hidden stance if you keep heavy and light attack pressed in.

There should be little to no damage done by the leg-sweep. If any damage, maybe just enough to kill the small fries soldiers.
- Stamina consumption should be a bit higher than a normal backroll.
- When transitioning into hidden stance it should drain the normal amount of stamina for that move, and function like a normal hidden stance (besides the buttons you use).
- Only people you cant kick down are warriors in full block stance.
The idea is that this move is a tool to "reset" a fight, at the cost of quite a bit of stamina.

As for other moves:
3 new dash moves.
First is the side-dash heavy attack. This will be the current zone attack, which will come from the side you dashed from. Following up with a light attack will do the bleed poke you can normally finish the zone attack with, which will hit the side you dased too.
This attack should cost the same amount of stamina the current zone attack costs.

Second will also be a side-dash attack, but this time the light attack.
This will be the current dash-heavy, but will hit you from the side you dashed too.
Stamina cost should be the same as the current heavy dash.

Last one will be the back-dash-heavy, which should be an overhead heavy attack. This one should cost slightly more than a normal heavy attack.

The idea is a couple of heavy stamina consuming attacks, which can be used regardless of your attack direction.
Currently an enemy can switch his guard in the time you transition your attack direction, and the same with their attacks while you switch your defense.