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03-03-2017, 07:01 AM
Amist all of this negativity I thought i'd give a positive insight into this game. Getting abit tired of reading complaints that were hastly created and with very little thought to them.

About me; i played a Raider in closed and open beta - loved it and got him to reputation 2.5 both times. The graphics, the gameplay, the great mix of offense vs. defense and the character design. I still feel this way today. In the release I main a valkyrie and honestly I love the game even more. She's demanding to play right now, requirering double the attacks for the same damage compared to alot of other classes, but she is complicated which i like. When i win its because of skill, not because the class hits hard.

Im playing on PS4, the first wave of them. My connection is a 50/10 - no fiberoptics here yet :( - and i very rarely get DC's now. I got alot more in the betas. Sometimes the ocxasional freeze hits when a host leaves the game, but its not gamebreaking and happens very rarely. I have not ever experienced the game crashing and looking over then threads in these forums, the vast majority of complaints about this is from PC-players.

About all the "buff this, nerf that"-threads; give it a rest guys. The game is new, balancing will happen. Stop crying because YOUR class didnt get a buff.

"But the patch isnt out yet = ubi doesnt care"; do you know how much time it takes to alter coding in a game like this? Its not something you "just do".

The only real issues i see are;
Ubisofts lack of acknowledgement of their players on the forums. Im certain thy follow the forums, but we as customers do not see it. And that feeds negativity. If ubisoft just responded on the forums, gave feedback on people's questions, then im certain these forums wouldnt be so toxic.

My 2 cents

03-03-2017, 11:02 AM
Personally having followed other PVP games in the past very closely (looking at you, Star Wars Battlefront!), none of this is really new to me.. and i dont even like pvp games.
People complain about OP or UP weapons / characters requiring buffing or nerfing, and when its finally done, theres always a new one to take its place. Granted alot of these people are probably just venting from being beaten so much, but to this day there still seems to be a weapon or ability that players flock to in SWBF. It seems to be an unending cycle, whether its due to poor balancing, new bugs or the community finding an exploit.

And there also always seems to be a lack of communication too, from the dev side im sure theyre constrained in what they can or cannot say and when, but it still doesnt help and doesnt promote faith from the community.

Are these not simply issues in most / all PVP games?