View Full Version : cant connect to servers? verified cache

03-03-2017, 03:33 AM
Can't connect to servers. Noticed some other poster was from Kentucky and couldn't connect either. I am also from Kentucky.

03-03-2017, 03:50 AM
Looks like the servers are functioning normally. If you're playing through Steam, try verifying your game as that seems to have fixed it for some players. Or resetting your router. You can also report the issue through support (https://support.ubi.com/en-us/Games/4315) and it will help us as we look into this.

03-03-2017, 04:13 AM
I can't connect to game servers either. From Vancouver region.

03-03-2017, 04:20 AM
How about we get out of 2004 and not have to jump through hoops / reset things / verify things / port forward to play your product?