View Full Version : Block breaked while dodging - Mainly Orochi

03-03-2017, 02:10 AM
Does anyone else run into an issue where you dodge and someone is still able to block break you, but not vice versa?

1. I get block broken at the start of a side dodge counter - ok caught me
2. I get block broken near the end of a side dodge counter - ok whatever
3. I get block broken in the middle of a side dodge or side dodge counter? - okay? The player is facing the other way, but when they hit that block break it immediately goes to my character

Seems to mainly happen when I play Orochi, others not such a big deal. Did Ubi make it easier to just catch an Orochi's dodge? Seems like they got nerfed, and to add pain to that their counters have a counter.

Also, when I try to block break someone that's not an Orochi at the start of their side dodge... doesn't work on them.

03-03-2017, 02:15 AM
This is how it works. Guard break follows dodges, is supposedly a counter to dodge spamming :)
This is also why Warden is op. Since the only counter to his shield rush is a dodge and he can cancel the shield rush at any time with a guard break. So a good one always gets you.

03-03-2017, 05:47 AM
I get it, but even when I play another class I don't get caught dodge spamming as often. For instance I would get caught at the start of a dodge, but not in the middle of a dodge like what happens frequently with the Orochi. I've guard broken Orochi's while they try to dodge so often it's like, okay why doesn't that happen to the nobushi or knight assassin.

My 2 cents - If the Orochi has already made it greater than 40% into the dodge it shouldn't be broken so much. I'll start recording vids, but then who will even look at them and will it even make a case.

03-03-2017, 02:29 PM
Tbh i think dodging is broken, atleast for assassins.. Assassins should not be able to get caught in a middle of a dodge.. dodge is suppose to be a assassins main tool with deflect.. but as it is now i have FAR greater suxes playing my Orochi as a warden. stance dancing blocks and parry attacks instead of dodging and deflecting attacks...
if i play Orochi as it was suppose to be played, i end up getting guard broken every time i miss a deflect dodge basicly. and that makes it not rewarding enough to do sens my HP is so low and everyone on higher reputation is really good at fainting attacks tricking me into dodging.. ofc it all goes down to skill in the end but it is still not rewarding enough do dodge and deflect attacks :/..