View Full Version : Couple of balance issues

03-03-2017, 12:44 AM
I understand and approve of having healing boosters during skirmish and elimination, but I don't believe that a hero should be able to use healing feats during these matchups. It allows spammers and under skilled players an advantage based of kind of cheating. This is a smaller problem than the other issues I have. The biggest problems are the server issues and the ridiculously awful target changing mechanic, it's garbage!! Absolute garbage. There is no focus aspect to target changing.......release and repress the same button......are you serious!? This is the worst part of the game, which I love btw, you guys need to find some method of target change that is more consistent with the fact that there are 10 frickin buttons on the controller plus the d pad. You guys have made an outstanding game but some of these things make it a serious pain in the *** to play