View Full Version : The death pits

03-02-2017, 10:38 PM
Yeah, another one of those, and the whole point of this is just to add another one, so devs maybe can see how many people are annoyed with these.

So far we got lots of maps, I mean, excuse me, lots of kind of maps that have death traps everywhere. The concept of pits is fine, but not when they are everywhere and you actually have to look for open space that does not have bs all over it.

Whats usually the first thing nearly everyone does when game starts? Look around and desperately tries to find a place that does not have pits, then they go there and then you have a duel. This is what I see all the time, and this does not show me that people are ****ing hyped for these pits. The only people that seem to really aim for them are the ones that know that they gonna lose, and this is fine, it's a strat. Whats not fine is that these cliffs are given everywhere, any map is basically composed of small piece of land with **** ton of fire, cliffs, spikes, and other ****.

The duel maps are the worst. How they usually go? Small bridge and a room, small strip of land, a courtyard with some **** in the middle that breaks a whole idea of that open courtyard. Fun ****.

I like the idea of some cliffs, some heroes apparently rely on those from what I am being constantly told. For the life of me, I don't get how. Just cause warlord and raider got long charges, it does not mean that these cliffs are their only option. Why not remove their chains and everything and just give them more charges then. Their charges are also so long that it's no problem to push someone in the wall even if that wall is not right behind them.

So far it becomes a real hassle to avoid these, i've played the game enough to get a few prestige heroes, past 1 and learn to avoid them but those piss me off more and more. It should be other way around, you need cliff? Go look for it, not ****ing running around the map, wondering if the place with no cliffs even exists. I mean it gets to the point of obscene. Fell into shallow fountain? DEAD!

I bought for honor, a fighting game. Not a pit fall, the 3 smash brothers game. If all of the maps will be like this, why not remove attacks completely and just give us hammers that will send out opponents fly on hit?