03-02-2017, 08:33 PM
I'm have a Prestige 5 OROCHI and Prestige 1 KENSEI - 70% WIN in DUELS for both characters. I really like the BERSERKER and the WARDEN as well, and have played with every character in multiplayer to try and understand their skills, moveset, and tactics.

I am looking for a clan or group that is 18+ and understands strategy that adheres to these basic principles...

1) I will NOT attack an enemy player YOU are about to KILL - this just fills their revenge meter and the possibility to GANK a kill from you isn't strategy, it is stupidity.

2) If I DO find myself in an advantage 2v1 situation I will only GUARD BREAK when necessary and in the rhythm inspired by the LEAD teammate - this ensures a clean execution.

3) If you are fighting 2 or more players at ZONE A then I will let you defend that ZONE, and take the opportunity to capture the other ZONES - this adds hard points and alleviates stress by spreading out the field.

4) Personal XP and K/D are ancillary to winning the MATCH. I would rather my team win the game.

5) If I am about to kill an ENEMY and YOU attack him/her with an attack that fills their revenge meter I will LEAVE YOUR *** THERE to "finish" him/her off - you thought you were needed to KILL the enemy I was beating the **** out of, and who am I to take that away from you. If you get ****ed up by the REVENGE induced player, tough titties *****.

6) If I am in a situation where it is disadvantage 2v1 I DO NOT expect you to bail me out. Most of the time I am able to block off attacks and kill both in REVENGE. I would actually prefer that you left me alone in those situations, and go to capture other ZONES or fight single characters that won't fill revenge meters.

7) I DO NOT want to hear complaining about how your team didn't help you out in a 2v1 - the game is built to even the playing field if not completely overcorrect and sway the advantage to the singled out player - if you aren't coordinated enough to block a few shots to fill your REVENGE then you need to practice more.

8) If you think the single best way to win the match is to GROUP UP then you are an unobservant simpleton, and a peasant.

9) I much prefer interesting ideas like leading guys back into an ambush. These are cool and intelligent strategies. Also positioning an enemy for a DROP DOWN attack from a teammate - very much an intelligent solution.

10) I will REVIVE you ASAP. Sometimes I need to finish off surrounding players before I do, but rest assured I want to revive you ASAP. I will grant you the same patience.

11) If the ENEMY TEAM goes into BREAKING I expect not to LOSE ZONES in the attempts to finish them off. Once they go into BREAKING there is very little reason for them to come out of it. There are exceptions, and quick transitions like the first 10 seconds are fine, but other than that it just seems like stupidity.

12) If we are in BREAKING capture a ****ing ZONE before you try to REVIVE. The exception being if the ZONE CAPTURE wouldn't help, or if their team is on the other side of the map in a little train group.

13) Do me a favor - Don't do me any favors... except REVIVE.

This is not an indictment on the game or even the player - I want most people to play the wrong way so that we can kick their ***, but the people I want on my team understand these basic team principles above. Everything else is your style, choice, whatever - just don't **** my **** up because you're too lazy and lack creativity.

I like players who PARRY and I like players who are PATIENT with their fights, and clinical with their KILLS. I like players that get the EXECUTION so they cannot revive, and I like players who stop enemy players from REVIVE. this all seems like common sense, but if you do these things I think you've found they are rather uncommon.

Let me know if you agree with this list and want to group up. -- Username: KIKILANDO

03-02-2017, 09:47 PM
Hey, I don't agree with all of these things but most of them are good. Teh_Blood_God. I got ~75% ratio in all game modes. Rep5 Peacekeeper.

I'm a Peacekeeper, so, stealing kills is my bread and butter. :rolleyes:

04-16-2017, 05:55 PM
For the most part I largely agree, Please do not run up to "help me" in a 1v1 and wack my opponent until he gets revenge, in the event that I'm getting my *** beat a guard break is acceptable but for the most part just make sure he doesn't execute me but let me finish my own battle, this is the rule I generally go by when I'm "Helping" my team mates as well, exceptions being when the other team is breaking, or when the other team shows no honor and tries to jump one of us in duels and skrimish matches in general where group play is needed although I've won 1v4 a couple of times it's usually a mix of luck and noobs lol but yeah those are the only exceptions I can think of...
I'm a Viking but I have rep'd every character in the game to at least 1; Berserker rep 5 gear 108, Conquer rep 4 gear 108, Shugoki rep 4 gear 108, Raider Rep 2 gear 45, everybody else is rep 1
My PSN is SenorCurls