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03-02-2017, 06:45 PM
Do you think we can expect more rarity/loot variation to be added in the future? The current Reputation cap is 30 yet we get our max gear stats at reputation 3.. anybody else see something wrong with that logic? Why would I grind to Reputation 30 for paint patterns, symbols&colour variations, which to be honest are not that much better than the one's I have already unlocked on the road to Rep 3.

Can we expect unique gear, weapons ect at higher levels or will it just be more symbols and colours? It doesn't have to be another rarity but giving your players every type of gear at Rep 3 is kind of lazy and bad for a long term game imo, and will discourage people from playing much after they have every hero at Rep 3. An official response from Ubisoft would be appreciated.

03-02-2017, 07:04 PM
Let me first tell you that unlocking the "best" gear pesent in the game at release at Rep 3 is one of the better decisions made by Ubi. Imagine if better gear is unlocked at Rep 10 then Rep 20. It would put the game in a really bad case of "Pay to Win" for months. Enough to actully kill of most of the player base imo.
Now that being said, sure, more gear levels will be added down the road when most of the head start of power-levelers is settled and most of the other players are cought up in progress.