View Full Version : Again, Hidden and Fullblock Stances Need Fixing

03-02-2017, 03:22 PM
I know the issue has been raised before but because it wasn't fixed in the last patch it needs to be brought back up again. Hidden and Fullblock Stances don't always activate on controllers (XB1 at least) and in a game where mix-ups are everything, the inconsistency of one can mean losing the fight. There have been quite a few close matches where I know that using one of these tools will throw my opponent and get me the win but then it doesn't work and I get run through.

I can get by on my Warlord without it working all the time but when I play Nobushi I can't afford to get hit since I have less health to risk so I end up not using her Hidden Stance at all. It's really keeping from fully embracing the character but I would really like to!