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03-02-2017, 05:36 AM
-if you loose a fight with wathsoever ending and you whine .-You dont have honor.

-If you can't stand a 1V2 and fight with all your bravery.-You dont have honor.

-If you let your buddy being executed in front of you without trying anything-You dont have honor.

-If you stand by your friend inside a flag zone and dont intervene ,your are not fightin in a main goal to succeed like all your fellow try to.you dont belong on that battlefield-Thought,-You have no honor.

-If you set your own rules onto a brawl match and expect others to follow.In fact you want people to abide by your rules that you have set.Against all the things that make you weak in this game.Yea you make up rule to prevent anyone to use your weaker side ( like not being able to counter GB on the edge of a cliff) -You dont have honor.

-If you choose to fight by a so called honor code and let your buddy die.-You are the worst at teaming up for a brawl.In fact you have - No honor.

-If you can't fight with ''courage and Bravoure'.By all means standup and try your best.(whatever is up in front of you)'.If you can't fight with all your GUTS in a 3v1 and die honorably.You simply have -no honor.

I really really think UBI made that game to fight by the rules.And nowhere it is mention to act like such a honorless Warrior.It is about time that UBISOFT come out and remind to all the fellows noob tarts how this game is really intended.
A brawl is a mixture of BRO VS BRO A BWROOAAL. Yea ''BRO'' vs all !

if you want to 1v1 and expect no one gonna join in,Or try to throw you off of cliffs that is OK but dont set your own rule in online multiplayer and expect anybody who will come by to respect it.If you die in such way and whine about it-You dont have HONOR.

when you loose dont whine Dead meat dont talk.

If you act in such a way ,do like every single other player who don't have any ounce of HONOR do.Quit and whine.Otherwise ADAPT AND OVERCOME

OGL Spade
03-02-2017, 05:58 AM
The honor code was made by the community if you want to 2v1 someone you can there is nothing stoping them from doing it.

03-02-2017, 06:06 AM
I dont need or want to go 2 v 1 by all means that is a ridiculous comment .You are making a black or white choice on what I have to say about what i think of community so called ''HONOR CODE''.People actually leave the game in any situation they dont appreciate.In fact everytime they leave I JUST WON HALF OF CHANCE MY PC GAME FREEZE TO WORLD MAP And i have no friggin idea of why it take so long since there is no one left in the actual game...
But you are doing exactly what Trump called out on medias ! trollin' away main subject

BTW out of 466 people or so 2/3 said they dont want a honor code,That was the poll results