View Full Version : More problems! WTF?

03-02-2017, 04:27 AM
hello, Fellow Samurai and Fellow players in the other faction. I am having some serious issues with the PS4 version of the game, i love doing 1v1's but the biggest issue is when i am playing orachi*my favorite class* my light attacks are really really slow and my heavys is are slower then a turle. for example i was going against warlord and his heavy attacks are quicker then my light attacks. it seems the only thing i can do is dodge left and or right or jump back to attack but they are so easly blocked but everything else i do is 100% blocked, my guard break is 100% blockable so i cant do that, any combos i try to land ALWAYS gets parried EVERY FRICKEN TIME! i am not joking the last 2 weeks 8 days in total thats all i have been having issues with, i cant even play the orachi anymore because all my moves are blocked, and or parried or i GET STAMINA LOCKED! literally 2 games where i had law bringer and Warlord they Stamina lock me at the beginning and Keep me with no stamina and beat the living heck out of me and i cant even do nothing. Absolutely nothing. i try to block the break but it wont let me even do that. even in practice mode with my friend it wont let me. i did the tutorials over and over and over and i barely manage to get that done. the block info that shows when someone is doing the guard break goes up for .5 of a second and then its impossible. anyone whos gone against me has a 100% chance to literally beat me. just got to guard break me and i am done. or just parry all my attacks like everyone else does. i use to play as kensai but then i went to orachi as it fits my fast paced play style but now all of a sudden Kensai is faster the orachi, and orachi is as slow as Shugoki. like if my light attack is slower then a heavy attack on other players, how the hell am i sopose to play orachi? Please help me. my tag on PS4 is Trelltan and i would love to get more training or help on there. i am an honorable person i will not throw people off cliffs or anything as i like to get better in 1v1 and better my skills. please help