View Full Version : Chill with the bots eh?

03-02-2017, 02:20 AM
Hello there, i love this game. It's all i play anymore, but when i come home from work and spark up a hulk finger I turn on for honor and only play against AI for the orders. The lvl 1 bots are chill all day everyday, but all the higher lvl bots are stupid. when i'm sober as a gopher it's no worries but i'm just trying to chill and do the orders and the bots give me more trouble than most of the real players do. they feel unrealistic, their reactions/timing are too perfect and they rarely miss a block. It's just not fun its frustrating when i'm only trying to do orders then get back to normal play. this is not really a complaint more just me *****ing ahaha feel free to give feedback i'd love to hear it. Fight Well, Die Well, Have Fun:cool::p:):cool::mad:

03-02-2017, 04:04 AM
Bot lvl 1 is a joke, bot lvl 2 is great practice and is very well balanced even for veteran players, bot lvl 3 is an insane death machine which is what its designed for. Ive only encountered 1 or 2 lvl 3 bots in actual gameplay and im gear lvl 108 at rep 3 but thats due to my reputation rank. My advice is when u first long on do a few practice duels with lvl 2 bots. It'll warm you up and it wont hurt your kdr or win ratio, itll also give you more practice on different classes you may have problems with and itll get you used to fighting lvl 2 difficulty which is the most common lvl of bot in most gameplay. I pray to the Ubisoft gods once i get to around rep 10 i dont start seeing more lvl 3 bots, because at that point ill just avoid doing AI contracts.