View Full Version : My documented matchmaking times, please fix this Ubi.

03-02-2017, 12:00 AM
Since the recent patch on PC, I decided to use my phone to time how long it takes me to find a game, just to see if anything has changed. (not really)

I live in Sydney, Im the only person at mine so no one is using my internet, NAT is green, Fibre optic connection (30down/5up at slowest), Ive opened the ports for the game too.

Im only searching for PvP dominion & Elimination, each with either "high" or "very high" population.


Can you fix this, or please get some servers if thats the best option? If servers arent the best option (like a few people have claimed) could you please explain to the community why its not a good option, because from my shoes it looks like you guys are either being incredibly stingy OR arent explaining to the communtiy why P2P is better for this type of game. Cheers.

EDIT: I have loads of 10min recordings of just waiting in a queue, but cant record longer clips as it boggs the game down, can send then in as evidence if needs be.