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CONVICTED (https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/12323/Convicted)

Live free. Die Fighting.
Welcome to CONVICTED!

CONVICTED specializes in covert military and political operations that employ measures not generally authorized. We are a highly classified black ops agency whose very existence remains unknown to many, even those in the highest echelons of government, as a means to operate outside of the confines of government oversight.

CONVICTED is both the name of a government organization and also the term used by agents that classifies them as "rogue agents" to outside intelligence agencies - agents that have gone "Convicted" are considered acting alone or are traitors, so if their operation is discovered or goes awry, no blame will fall upon the United States. Not many within the government are aware Convicted exists, and this separation from the majority of Washington bureaucracy and oversight is intended to protect the United States from accountability for Convicted's "rogue" operations.

If you think you're CONVICTED (https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/12323/Convicted) material apply or send War Daddy Rambo (https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/ghost/profile/f5c381d7690e417bb6df35ffd20fd4db/War-Daddy-Rambo) your resume.

Task Force: Convicted
Motto: "Live free. Die fighting."
Language: English
Location: United States / Canada / UK / Caribbean
Time Zone: 24/7
Age Group: 18+
Communication: Mics preferred
Difficulty: Designated by Squad Majority
Gameplay Style: Tactical

War Daddy Rambo
LiL Lady L
MR Yoppa 239
Build The Wa77
ira leonida
xPBRx Joker
War Master Guru

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Rambo Squad

War Daddy Rambo (https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/ghost/profile/f5c381d7690e417bb6df35ffd20fd4db/War-Daddy-Rambo)

Fearless from birth, the only thought that ever caused him an ounce of panic was the thought of a 9-to-5 job. After a brief stint of incarceration, he vanished off the radar. According to his dossier, he's been a mercenary in Africa, a gun runner in Syria, a bodyguard to the Sultan of Brunei, the on-again off-again paramour of a European princess, and the holder of three patents in Great Britain. While the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, one thing is clear, Rambo is the Leonardo da Vinci of clandestine warfare: a gifted marksman, a master of stealth, and a tech savvy engineer rolled into one. Ghost Recon didn't go looking for him, he went looking for them.


An exceptional athlete that lettered in track and football while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. For reasons unknown he dropped out of college and teamed up with Rambo working for an organization on the opposite side of the law. After narrowly dodging a close call with Federal Agents that left his partner in crime incarcerated, he joined the United States Marine Core and made a name for himself overseas. Decorated for service in the armed forces, his commanding officer felt that general infantry was a waste of his potential. His uncanny marksmanship and quick wit caught the attention of a recruiter for an agency that doesn't officially exist.

LiL Lady L (https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/ghost/profile/82e27c2c8f6c445686c1c56fa2ca750e/LiL-Lady-L)

Having made a mockery of every aptitude test sent her way, it was no surprise that she finished her first PhD before she was legally allowed to buy alcohol. While the CIA initially hired her to design cutting edge electronics, being cloistered in the lab proved unsatisfying and her superiors granted her a transfer to clandestine services. When her handler was asked to recommend an agent for a top secret reassignment, her remarkable field work and her natural grasp of technology made her the obvious choice.

Beachboy239 (https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/ghost/profile/969f1a6ab7984dbc957101f7ae20edb9/beachboy239)

A quiet kid who enjoyed the simple things in life like the beach and fishing, enlisted in the United States Army straight out of highschool. He was deployed overseas and did a tour in Afghanistan becoming your stereotypical army grunt. When an IED blew up his convoy and he was airlifted to a hospital in Germany, he was medically discharged by the military after recovering from his injuries. After he struggled adapting to the life of a civilian, he came across an old military contact who offered him a job that was off the books. After a few odd jobs that put his name on the map of the espionage world, he was recruited by a covert government organization.

War Master Guru

After a remarkable college career, he vanished off the radar of the known world to make his fortune. A couple years later he reappeared and quickly became registered as an NSA Contractor. Life behind a desk didn't suit his ambitions so when he was recruited by the US State Department to work in the field he pounced on the opportunity. No stranger to covert operations, he's spent the last several years working on overseas assignments. Capable of being a charismatic presence one moment, and an inconspicuous shadow the next, he's always the agent on location, never the one hiding behind a desk.

MR Yoppa 239

He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as an experienced mechanic and specialized in AH-64 attack helicopter repairs. After a few years applying his trade he was recognized as one of the best in his industry - with one problem - he enjoyed flying helicopters much more than fixing them. He was under investigation for unauthorized use of a military aircraft and on the verge of a dishonorable discharge when he was approached by a private military contractor from a classified sector for a more hands on role in the field. They needed a pilot and a mechanic; he was both. It's on record that his bird was shot down by a FIM-92 Stinger during a routine relay in Libya and he showed excellent combat prowess on the ground and was instrumental in his unit's survival.

Build The Wa77

He was your every day police officer before thwarting an assassination attempt at a Republican campaign rally in Ohio. For his heroic deeds he was awarded the Director's Award of Valor and hand selected by President Donald J. Trump to serve in the Secret Service. It didn't take long for them to become good friends since he agreed with everything the Trump administration did. He became the President's right-hand man, and protected and served him until his impeachment; because even he, the President's most trusted secret service agent, couldn't stop President Trump from groping females everywhere he went. He was heartbroken with nowhere to turn, but an old friend gave him a call and offered him a job in a much more lucrative field that he couldn't afford to pass up.

To Be Updated in the near future... look forward to adding your squads dossier to the resume! :cool:

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In-game video(s) coming soon.

Still accepting members on the xbox one platform.

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