View Full Version : Core Gameplay Rules Broken (bug?)

03-01-2017, 09:40 PM
Last night I was playing skirmish for orders and getting very aggravated by the core mechanics of the game not functioning.

Repeatedly I was being GBed while in the middle of an attack. From my understanding a GB is ONLY for players guarding. I am not sure if this was a new issue due to some other fix. The first few times it ever happened in pvp or pvai i figured it was just lag, but last night it happened consistently in a skirmish vs ai.

Either the bots are not playing by core mechanics or something happened to the GB mechanic. (Ive seen it happen in pvp matches too, but much more consistent in AI)

I know sometimes you can GB someone in the start of their attack but this was not the case. Sadly my game clip recording after the game didnt go back far enough to capture them, but the biggest one where I figured this was just broken and not lag was playing the kensei. I was in the middle of an overhead unblockable finisher (in the middle of a chain) and I got GBed.

A side note: Does anyone know whats going on with the Kensei's move set ? 3 Chains are listed as unblockable, but he only has the unblockable heavy finisher. Is this a mislabel on the moves ?

All issues in question are on Xbox which is still pre-patch.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: P.S the Kensei's top heavy finisher should be uninterruptible, doesnt really make since that a light or heavy should make a front flip mid action cancel to standing.