View Full Version : Combat has too many glitches, and cheats (Macros). Here are some.

03-01-2017, 07:26 PM
1.) Guardbreak cancel into an attack - Honestly, in the defensive meta, this should actually just be a part of actual feinting. It's not though, it's a glitch. Better learn it now to stay a top.



2.) Assassins can never be knocked down when out of stamina


3.) Unlock your attacks that are NOT able to be parried and are unblockable (I love how OP wishes this to stay quiet and not get 'nerfed' (you mean fixed, right?) I'm sure some of you seen a little of this with the shugoki video a couple weeks ago. Unlock attacks that you cannot parry or block, using them for combos etc, will come more involved in the meta.


4.) Macros on the PC. Cheats will probably get cracked down on at some point, but good luck on macros.


5.) Multiple characters that are completely above others. I won't name them, we know who they are. Yet, it's also funny reading the latest devs reason for thinking some are 'fine'.. That being, the win/,loss ratio which means absolutely nothing since it just means there's more bad players making the character look average, when that is far from the truth.

Obviously number 5 isn't a huge issue, and the game's characters will change through time. But the combat glitches pose a serious problem and it looks like Ubisoft are slow going on actually pushing out updates and fixes.

It's interesting to see that some people, who call themselves apart of the fighting community, like some of the stuff here, mainly 1 and number 3. Glitches that give them some more 'tech' are awesome. Especially when they go against the main game's mechanic of blocking and parrying.

Why is the population of this game dwindling (PC at least shrunk a lot). Because people don't want to play in a broken game, that's why.