View Full Version : New Game modes?

03-01-2017, 04:33 PM
Hi there, new to the forums but I love 'For Honour' and I really want to see it succeed. I would just like to say that it would be nice to see some new gamemodes that explore the faction war a bit more than the other modes do.

I Propose a game mode called Frontlines/Siege/Battle something along those lines. The game mode would be centered around a siege where there are two teams of players: the attackers and the defenders. The defenders have to defend the fort/castle/stronghold from the attackers. In order for the attackers to win they must push the defenders back from the main walls and back towards the main plaza. They do this by capturing objectives, once the attackers have taken an objective(s) (for example A and B on the main wall) within a particular area, the defenders will have to fall back to defend next set of objectives and the battle will move forward. You could compare this to the system used in RO2, Battlefield 1 or Mount and Blade. I envision that it would be 5 vs 5 and it would require players to lead their groups of soldiers around the battlefield a bit like the central point in 'Dominion' matches.

So what do people think? Does anyone else have a suggestions for their own game modes? Let me know please
- Alex