View Full Version : My experience and thoughts after reaching prestige rank 3

03-01-2017, 10:20 AM
So Ive played every single day since the release, and I've been kept entertained :)

My best memories are of my levels under prestige 1. I guess the reason being that all were new and unexperienced like I, and that kept it rly competetive.
When I reached prestige 2 it got so much harder and I started fearing certain classes, but with a thrill to it :D
At prestige 3 Ive lost my joy. Some classes seem to gain revenge quicker than others (Ive set my gear for revenge) and that is boring. All that matters is revenge, so when some gain it quicker than I, then im just like meh, screw this game then.

So up till Prestige 3, Ive actually had a blast and I usually hate PvP games! :D

What I think you should improve is:

Do we even need this feature? I think it would be so much better without it or ONLY have it fill when you are fighting 1 vs 2 or more. IMO revenge removes the competitive play.

I seem to get matched based on my best character, which sucks if you wanna play something else. Instead you should chose the character you wanna play and then join a game. That way you could matchmake us knowing what character, lvl and gear we bring to the table.

My orders dont seem to update every 24 hours as it sas ingame, but every 48 hours. So every other day Ive got nothing to do, as all my orders are just complete ...

Faction war
You reward the winning faction, but if the factions arent equal in size, do you then compensate by a bonus gain % wise to "deploy soldiers" gained? Else the smallest faction will never have a chance. Just a worry I know nothing about :)

Throw Lenght
I think this needs looking at, as heavy classes can throw an oponent longer than a agile class, but Nobushi, Berserker and Valkyr still throws as a heavy.

SOOOOOOOO boring having to run after opponents as they kan just run even when hit. This needs to change too, as theres no stopping a runner.

The worst class in the game is either Shugoki or Orochi. I cant rly decide. Any other class is much better, I feel.

But yeh, thats my experience ..

03-01-2017, 10:35 AM
4vs4 modes without Gear stats would be really nice! Till then grind your chars to P3 and buy allot of gear so you can survive. But never think about taking a low level char into 4vs4 matches, it is ridiculous.