View Full Version : Matchmaking

03-01-2017, 07:19 AM
Can someone please explain to me how it is acceptable for a new player to get matched up (repeatedly) with low level teammates against high level opponents.

I just bought the game today, after playing both the open and closed betas, to get repeatedly thrown in to games against 70+ gear score players. If gear is an integral part of the game and has noticeable effects how am I to stand a chance against these veterans of the game? How is there not some system in place to attempt to balance out teams. less than half the games are place are remotely fair or enjoyable. They are just complete stomps. How is there no hidden skill rating to match like skilled players against each other. This was not a huge problem in the beta since players couldn't gear themselves out too much in the short window of the beta, but now....WOW. Its almost unplayable, its at least very unenjoyably. I cant believe I bought this game and trust UBISOFT who repeatedly makes multiplayer games and still cant get the basics down. P2P servers... and no hidden skill rating for matchmaking.

Please walk me off the ledge and give me hope that I didn't spend $60 infinitely climbing up a huge gear gap amidst rampant disconnection problems. I need your help