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03-01-2017, 06:34 AM
First let me start by telling you all what makes me worthy of even commenting on this. I'm not just some know nothing gamer whining about having my backside handed to me. I'm an experienced warrior. What does that mean? I have spent my life training and honing by body and skills in as many forms of combat as I can. five of which are in this game. Also I am an actual veteran of war. 9/11 happend and I was chomping at the bit to find myself in a fire right. lol...Crazy right? My tries passion is violence. I joined the U.S. Army Rangers Infantry and got my wish. 2 combat deployments to Afghanistan and 3 to Iraq until I was seriously injured and medically retired. I won't give details because it's off subject. So it's safe to say what I know is quite extensive and I actually have reliable insight into the subject matter and the mind of men who engage in war. So let's get to the point of all this shall we.

1. the biggest problem with games is the multitudes who play. The vast majority of the gaming community are people who are ignorant, stupid, selfish, soilless, weak-minded and weak willed bottom feeders who don't know what they don't know. They have no desire to try at anything they just want to be able to win no matter whether or not their opponent is better than them. lol nonsense! So the idea of applying themselves to get better is blasphemy to them. these are the infamous camper, spammer, doesn't care about helping their team, will run around stabbing people in the back, and look for only the easiest cheapest way to win. They will always whine for the standard to be lowered to their level (which is dismal) so they don't have to climb. Also these are the majority of the quitters. Devs Please stop listening to these sub-humans. They linger at the bottom for a reason.

2. The game modes. This is not entirely on the devs. Most game mode problems are the result of the afore mentioned group of people. Example; Dominion here we have a more where you need to actively capture objectives. Get many people que up for this and deliberately ignore the objectives in favor of padding their K/D. which BTW is a meaningless (by virtue of the ladder) and disruptive (by virtue of padders not helping their team) stat. Kills should be worth minimal points unless done on an objective. Another example is skirmish; the bots. They are there but are not the "target" or "threat". Many people hardly notice the difference between player and not. It is truly was when the dullards are focusing on AI while the better smarter players who look for players are getting outnumbered and manhandled by a group of players whom are like-minded.

3. Teamwork, this also is no fault of the devs. To be painfully blunt if it's not a 1v1 game mode then it's not a 1v1 right. Queing up for a team based more and expecting a 1v1 is laughably ******ed. "Well what about honor?" Lol this game is about a war. The only honor of war is in victory. Lol believe me I know. It's absurd to que anything other than a 1v1 and just stand there while your teammates are decapitated.

4. The heroes: I'll start with the assassin's. They are all 3 too slow. Considering their light weapons and armor (if any armor at all) they should be a few split seconds faster. their defense seems unfair considering everyone else practically have auto block. they have the lightest weapons in the game. Combat logic and physics dictate they should be able to hold up their weapons longer than anyone to defend themselves.

The hybrids: Lawbinger; is to fast this is a 200+ lb guy with 50+ lbs in armor the heaviest in the game and a weapon that is another 15-20 lbs. No matter your size weight will slow you down. I should know 50lb ruck 20lbs armor and ammo and weapons in a summer in Afghanistan, the hardest fighting of my life. Imagine this weight in an extended melee. lol I'm tired thinking about it. Valkerie: shield and spear this means time in-between attack and defend a split second more. Nobushi: not much to say except it hard to get me hands on em. LOL stop running from me. the hybrids defense is questionable wooden Pole arms against steel? Enough said right? it's pretty suspect that the wooden items don't get broken. Their not using Iorn wood from Westeros in GoT.

The vanguard are all a bit too fast. exaggerated weapon size means less agile use of the weapon. split second speed reduction would be accurate.

The heavy: Conquerer, he has a shield and morning star which means more time between attacks about a half second more. This is because the morning star is by far the hardest weapon to control in this game. It's a weighted spiked chain weapon. Making successive fast attacks highly difficult not to mention just as dangerous to the weilder as the opponent. So it should be a bit slower. Warlord: sword and shield again time in between offence and defense. Also his lung covers too much distance. it's essentially a armored armed Superman punch. accurate distance should be a 5 meter lunge at max and even that is generous. Shiguoki: lol too fast. It's an armored obese guy with a tree trunk. Enough said right? Nope! His speed is absurd he should be twice as slow as the Lawbinger.

5. Team balancing and match making WTF!!! Jesus screaming Mary in Pilots Villa! Match starts without full teams SMHRFH ( shaking my head really fugging hard)! Start a match with 4 High levels against 4 low levels FAIL!
Please fix.

Before anyone says anything about damage reduction for anyone. It is a non factor because every weapon in the game is massively lethal. Honestly it should only take one well placed blow with any of them to kill someone. Yet that would be too difficult for most. So I digress the current damage system is as good as it will get.

6. The faction war: OMG bandwagon galore. Way too many Vikings not enough Samurai and the knights are too afraid to attack the vikings. which is kinda weird considering the true history between the two. The current system is not enough to balance it. AT ALL! I'm a master of the blade so I chose the samurai. It feels like an up mountain battle every time I play. In all directions. one day it felt like I was the only samurai playing. Probably not true but it felt that way. I'm an arse kicker rep6/98gs 70%-80% wins. Manually any tactically deploy assets and still feel like it is not enough. Please fix.

The feats and revenge mode are fine as is. To each their own. Friendly fire is a problem though. I'm sick of getting screwed by morons who can't use a little "muzzle awareness". please fix.

Now I know many will read this and assume I;m saying buff assassin's and nerf everyone else. This is not the case I want accuracy. It just so happens the above is the form accuracy should take in this game. If you can't accept this well... prepare for insults! You're probably one of the guys who fall into the category of problem number one. Your first and only instinct is the easy way. it's why you only use the Lawbinger, shiguoki or warlord and stand next to a ledge trying to only get an easy ledge push kill. " but if they did what you say here only the assassin's will be good". Lol if you're thinking this your skill and/or your intelligence is your problem. I can use any hero now and put people down. If they made these changes I will still be able to use any hero and take heads. if you can't it's your issue. Practice! Get skilled!

Valar Morguhlis.

03-01-2017, 06:47 AM
Did you write that on your own, or compiled the other 7,000 posts from this morning?

Watch the developer streams ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywiqxjE9rQI ), follow their feed on Twitter and Reddit, and you'll know that not only are they listening, but they are working on fixing it, that includes balancing.

Now I'm pretty sure you can flip a burger or fill in a spreadsheet in minutes or whatever the *** is that you do durring your day that no one gives a sh*t about, you may even be the John Rambo that you claim to be, and I respect you for that Sir, my dad is a war hero, I respected soldiers all my life, but neither him, nor you have the slightest idea how difficult it can be to manage a multi-decimal-milion dollar property, and it is very unlikely that you will find out in this life time, and Ubisoft may not be the fastest turning gears in the market, but at least they are listening and taking notes, and just like other human beings, they deserve a chance to do their jobs without having whiny, mindless, entitled children screaming at them.

Now if you are thinking "boy, he sure does sound condecending, what a massive D", that's because I am tired of children fueling this dumpster-fire of a forum with their negativity.


1. Shut up
2. Get a refund
3. Clear off


1. Shut up
2. Show some respect
3. Let people do their jobs