View Full Version : Thanks Ubi for the Warrior's Den

03-01-2017, 05:43 AM
For those who haven't seen what will be the regular weekly update:


A few good things came out of today's show from the guy in charge of balancing (Roman Oriola).

1. They're aware of Warlord and Conquerer being a bit OP and will address it.
2. They're aware of the Raider and Lawbringer needing a buff.
3. They're aware of the defensive meta issue and are looking at it.

I wish the Shugoki and Warden also got a mention for a bit of a nerf but nothing so far.

I also think Ubisoft need duel/brawl specific maps with less environmentals/ narrow areas. Maybe even duelling arenas?

Anyway hats off to them for the engagement. It looks like they are serious in terms of their long-term commitment to this game and can see it's enormous potential.