View Full Version : Closing distance animations.....and fps drop

03-01-2017, 03:12 AM
A good dodge, but yet animations somehow bugs and still allows opponents to connect. Does anybody else notice this, I see it with the PK alot, where it almost replays the animation in mid cycle to make up for the ground instead of registering that they should have missed. The worst one of seen is the Warlord, a jumped headbut animation from a least 3 nobushi's spear lengths away. (For Honor units of measurment lol).

And Fps drops on certain characters especially the assissan classes, the worst I think I expericene is the beseker, in his continous attack, I block the first, second, get hit by the third (I think cause the framedrop registers I'm not blocking anymore for some reason), then I have reestablish the block to block the fourth and ext.