View Full Version : Faction War: King of the Hill style?

02-28-2017, 11:52 PM
Allow me to copy/paste a conversation I had with a friend of mine about this subject, in the midst of all this Faction War talk that's been going on lately.

DJFlare84: I wish the winner was determined king-of-the-hill style.
Piko Knight: Enlighten me! I never had a hill to be king of.
DJFlare84: Let's say you have a FPS with a capture-the-flag mode
DJFlare84: King of the hill is sorta like that except there's only one flag and all you have to do is hold onto it.
DJFlare84: And you rack up points for every second or so that you hold onto it.
DJFlare84: So basically whoever managed to dominate the flag longest wins.
Piko Knight: :V
DJFlare84: If For Honor used a system like that for it's faction war
DJFlare84: That would mean having the most territories would make you the "flag holder".
DJFlare84: And so you'd get points for however long you manage to keep dominating.
DJFlare84: So in the end the winner would be whoever was CONSISTENTLY the strongest.
DJFlare84: Not just who managed to be strongest right at the end.
DJFlare84: Granted, I think even with that point system, Vikings would've won Round-1.
DJFlare84: But at least it would feel like they won fairly, instead of just bubbling up at the last second while everyone else is conveniently away.