View Full Version : Looking for Samurai to fight beside with

02-28-2017, 05:04 PM

I am looking for people who are interested in fighting alongside in the Samurai War Faction. If this interests you just hit me up! My PSN is prtrmpt

See you on the battlefield!

PS. No my PSN is NOT Pro-Trump...

02-28-2017, 09:53 PM
JB_GoodyTwoShoes. I usually play after 8pm EST

04-09-2017, 06:20 PM
Greetings fellow samurai. Im a mod for The Whole For Honor Samurai Faction Community on the ps4. Im recruiting members so if you are on the playstation 4 search for my community and join us. Currently we have 1200+ warriors. We help members level up their champion, complete the story, hold tournaments, group up for battles and more.