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02-28-2017, 03:39 PM
It's that time! We got just the feed you need, riders.

Let's look at this great selection of tracks picked out by the one and only, XXX STEPH59 XXX.


Difficulty : Medium
Creator : Commando17030
Platform : XB1

For his big come back on Trials Fusion, Commando17030 takes us in a cave. Colors and decoration are in pure harmony with the driving line.An oldschool speedrun where precision and speed are necessary.

Difficulty : Medium
Platform : XB1

His name is well known from everyone now, AMORPHOUS immerses us into a castaway's atmosphere. The rain and the moonshine reveal us the remains of a ship along the beach. The driving line is fast and funny with some nice lighting effects. Mix everything and you get "Jackdaw".

The Elders
Difficulty : Hard
Creator : FusionShared
Platform :

Take a futuristic setting and add ruins and golems, a fast driving line and good camera tricks, and you get "The Elders". This tracks gives you wings and makes you want to go even faster. A remarkable work of creation.

Difficulty : Hard
Creator : Trials France (Katin & Pwaro)
Platform : XB1

A perfect collaboration of Katin and PwaRo that gave life to Rapture. A technical driving line in a futuristic world where small robots and animations makes a very interesting track. The whole in a dark atmosphere with carefully crafted obstacles. Nothing better than testing this track to discover the beauty.

Weirwood (Extreme)
Difficulty : Extreme
Creator : ZZZZZZach
Platform : XB1

ZZZZZZach is a creator that everybody knows for his awesome creations. He shows us his talents, once again, with this track. He sends us in a stormy atmosphere with a light foggy background.

Spwaro's Run
Difficulty : Hard
Creator : TrialFR 203 (TIGER73 & loudlood)
Platform : XB1

Who said we could not race on a ship? A quick and fast driving line with a short cut for the most skilled ones. Race through this track and it'll change the way you look at pirates!

SB: Treasure Trove
Difficulty : Easy
Creator : FusionShared

Who ever dreamed to visit the sea bed? A speedrun at the bottom of the sea where fishes and divers come with you throughout the race. The decoration is splendid thanks to its representation of the seabed and its choices of colors.

Difficulty :Medium
Creator : G SatchmO
Platform : XB1

If you like speed-running, this track is for you. Dive into a bloody world where bones bones and skeletons evolves in a reddish atmosphere. The color of the setting gives a special texture to the ground and the sounds makes us feel like we are driving on entrails.

Difficulty : Hard
Creator : Yarivpa
Platform : XB1

Who already dreamed to go back in time and see dinosaurs? "Cretaceous" sends us at the heart of the jurassic era where dinosaurs live in harmony. The driving line is nice and everything around draws your attention. A come back in the past where mankind had no place.

[S59] Ruines Golematic
Difficulty : Extreme
Creator : XXX STEPH59 XXX
Platform : XB1

An extreme speed run among ruins and golems. Will you find the relic that hide these ruins?

So get out there and check out these amazing tracks!

If you want to participate in a Community Recommended feed or Tournament of your own, feel free to PM me with the details (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1593903-Trials-Wants-You!-Part-2!)!

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Thank you

03-03-2017, 09:42 AM
Nice ! Glad to see that my track is recommended, thanks ;)