View Full Version : The problem with overpowered enemies

02-27-2017, 09:02 PM
Hello forum,

so Im a (2)19 Warden now and have to feel the same issue over and over again. How is it possible that an enemy player got +80 Armor/Weapon level then I and my mates got? It makes the game pure unfair. With no kind of skill you would be able to beat such an enemy. For example last match. We had a Orochi in the enemy team. So far so good. I like fighting orochis. One of the "medium hard" enemys if played well. But in this case, this Orochi was reputation six and due to his tremendous high gear level he killed -> 4 <- of our Warriors (me too ofc.) with ONE area attack. We were ALL full life... eh wut?

I am not sure if this is intended. If it is, i am pretty sure the guy who took this design decision got somehow hurt...
If it is not: Please! Please fix this error. Why would you need a Matchmaking if it matches you with enemies you are not able to fight because their level and gear stats are the quad of yours.

Normaly if i start to speak about this flaw people respond with "gid gud, l2p, no you are just bad"...

Maybe I am and I need to "gid gud", but some claryfieng about the situation or atleast a message, that Ubisoft works on it, would be nice.

Fight hard and fair my fellow warriors.